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News Release: Friendship Circle KC Introduces Friends@Home for Inclusive Bonds

News Release Friendship Circle



[Leawood, KS | 3/29/2024] – The Friendship Circle of Kansas City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering meaningful friendships and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, is proud to announce the launch of its first program, Friends@Home.


Driven by its vision of creating a world where everyone experiences acceptance, inclusion and friendship, The Friendship Circle of Kansas City is committed to providing opportunities for children and teenagers with disabilities and their families to engage in social and recreational activities alongside their peers in the general community.


Friends@Home Pairs Teens and Disabled Children

At the heart of the organization’s mission is the belief that every individual, regardless of ability, deserves the chance to form genuine connections and participate fully in society. Through its flagship program, Friends@Home, The Friendship Circle pairs trained teenage volunteers with children with disabilities for weekly visits in the comfort of their own homes.


“These visits go a long way to curing loneliness through bonding and shared experiences with their teen volunteers,” said Rabbi Avremi Baron. “Friends are not a luxury, friends are a necessity. Together with our incredible teens, we want to be that friend for a child who struggles to connect with others and show them the love that everyone deserves.”


The Friends@Home program not only benefits the children and teenagers with disabilities but also provides valuable learning experiences for the teen volunteers, teaching them the value of selfless giving and the joy of making a positive impact in someone else’s life.


“Through Friends@Home, we aim to increase confidence, ignite dreams, and redefine worldviews for both parties involved,” added Rabbi Avremi Baron.


The Friendship Circle of Kansas City operates as a joint program of KCteen and Marc and Alicia Kulick. It is affiliated with Chabad of Kansas City and is committed to serving families with children and teens with disabilities regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, or income.


“People often underestimate how much impact basic friendships have on our lives. I’ve longed believed that feeling alone is possibly the worst feeling on this earth,” said Marc Kulick, CEO of Vesta Capital and Friendship Circle donor.  “When Rabbi Avremi and I started talking about this program, he mentioned that one of the most moving parts of Friendship Circle is when the kids know their friends are coming over, they can get so excited that they wait by the window/door all day in preparation.”


“That was the moment that my wife, Alicia, and I agreed not only were we donating to this program, but we wanted to do more;” Kulick continued. “We want to make sure that every child gets to experience that feeling of being so excited to have a friend come over and truly connect.”


To get involved with The Friendship Circle, individuals are encouraged to reach out to Rabbi Avremi Baron at or 410-530-4150. Donations to support the organization’s programs can be made at


About The Friendship Circle of Kansas City:

The Friendship Circle of Kansas City is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating meaningful friendships between teen volunteers and children with disabilities. Through programs like Friends@Home, the organization aims to increase confidence, ignite dreams, and redefine worldviews for both parties. The Friendship Circle operates on the belief that every individual deserves acceptance, inclusion, and friendship, regardless of ability. Friendship Circle Kansas City is an affiliate member of Friendship Circle International which has over 100 locations worldwide. To learn more, visit




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