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Vesta Capital Acquires Remington Ranch: Achieves Holy Grail in Multifamily Investment

[TULSA, OK | 6/13/2024] – Vesta Capital (Vesta), a fully-integrated real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition, renovation, and ongoing management of multifamily communities, today announced the successful acquisition of Remington Ranch, a 292-unit Class B multifamily property located in Stillwater, Okla.

This strategic acquisition is projected to deliver robust financial returns, with an expected internal rate of return (IRR) of 17% and a 3.5x equity multiple over a 10-year investment horizon.

For investors, this translates to a substantial return of $350,000 for every $100,000 invested. Additionally, investors can anticipate an average annual cash-on-cash return of 11.49% during Vesta’s hold period.

“We are excited to add Remington Ranch to our growing portfolio,” said Marc Kulick, Vesta Capital CEO. “For investors, this acquisition offers sustainable short-term cash returns coupled with exceptional long-term growth potential.”

Kulick further highlighted the significance of the acquisition, “The returns are particularly exciting given the projected rental growth of 2.5% over the next three years. This means Vesta can achieve the holy grail in multifamily investing – providing exemplary returns while maintaining a focus on resident life and affordability.”

To ensure stability and predictability, Vesta Capital has secured a 10-year fixed-rate debt for this acquisition, providing a safeguard for investors in a volatile market environment.

Vesta Capital’s current portfolio consists of 10,000+ units across Class A, B, and C+ assets in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Extensive experience in property management allows Vesta to bring operational expertise to their portfolio assets. Vesta is committed to delivering strong returns to investors and providing residents with exceptional living experiences. 

About Vesta Capital

Vesta Capital is a privately held real estate investment firm that focuses on the acquisition and management of multifamily properties in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Vesta purchases properties that pass strict underwriting standards and that are positioned to perform well in a variety of market conditions.

Since its inception, Vesta has purchased over 10,000 units with a combined value of over $925 million in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Little Rock markets. Vesta Capital is constantly working toward identifying assets that will maximize returns for investors.

Vesta was founded by Marc Kulick and an experienced team of real estate operators and owners. Unlike many firms that outsource the most critical part of the business, Vesta’s deep experience in asset and property management allows them to run the day-to-day management of all their properties. This vertically integrated approach, along with a focus on sourcing off-market deals, gives Vesta a unique advantage in the markets where they operate. For more information, visit

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Marc Kulick

CEO of Vesta Capital and Vesta Realty